Hem » Videor » 10 FT Jon Boat with Mud Motor | How fast will it go?
10 FT Jon Boat with Mud Motor | How fast will it go?
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10 FT Jon Boat with Mud Motor | How fast will it go?
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11 maj, 2021
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10 FT Jon Boat with Mud Motor | How fast will it go?
In this video we are doing a mud motor speed test comparison on our Tracker Topper 1036 Jon Boat. We will be speed testing a predator 212 6hp mud motor, a predator 420 13hp mud motor, and a predator 670 22hp mud motor. This video will give you an idea of what to expect for speeds if you get a similar-sized 10 foot Jon Boat with a mud motor. As always don’t forget to stick around to the end of the video for the hater’s corner and lots of funny bloopers!

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