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Bass Boat Deck Restoration for Vintage BASS TRACKER TX.
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Mercury 20hp 2019 1st Look | Fallon Marine | Lake Havasu Boat Show
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Bass Boat Deck Restoration for Vintage BASS TRACKER TX.
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8 april, 2019
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The Skinney: This is the extensive process that I have created for elite DIY wooden boat decks for DIY bass boat restorations and conversions. This video is made to work in tandem with my smokercraft deck video. Please check out my channel for jon boat to bass boat conversions and restorations, as well as boat build offs from the tiny boat nation community. Thank you for supporting TBNation! I hope this bass tracker OG restoration is helping you with your project.

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Disclaimer: I am not a professional fabricator or builder.
I am a DIY Creator supported by this channel’s audience
to put out concepts for people to view.
Modify your boat at your own risk.
Sreering Console Wiring & upgrades | Bass Tracker restoration, wiring. Fuses, LED’s. | aluminum boat
8 april, 2019
Mercury 20hp 2019 1st Look | Fallon Marine | Lake Havasu Boat Show
8 april, 2019