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Bust’em the busted boat blind… Lowe 1852 MT Aura. Jon Boat fails…..
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Bust’em the busted boat blind… Lowe 1852 MT Aura. Jon Boat fails…..
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15 december, 2020
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This is a spoof movie I made after having Bust’em Boat Blinds added float pods to my LOWE 1852 MT Aura which cost me $650.00. I should have been clued in when he told me he tested the pods and they are good to go and that he added foam to them in one conversation and in another when he wanted to ad or install a bilge pump. The next is when Mr. Ramsey said he could not be present for my blind delivery in Lebanon, Missouri on the day I flew into St. Louis with my brother from my home in Tampa, Florida and his in New York to pick up our boat. This was strange considering he posts on social media many of his deliveries, just check his Facebook page. After transporting the boat to our family farm in western Kansas we had about 4 days to rig the motor, jack plate, 3 batteries, perko, wiring for all the lights, battery chargers, trolling motor and bracket…… etc…. Both myself and my best friend (Retired Marine Patrol SGT) went to break in the motor…. The “Unthinkable Happened” water under our feet. Quick we’re is the water coming from? Let’s get to shore before this thing sinks !!! In the middle of 45 feet of water on Glen Elder lake, in Kansas.

It’s not funny because someone could have drowned, but when your safe on shore, jokes sometimes help with the fact that your $3000 dollar plus Jon boat is ruined, trashed, not to mention the $6300 you just spent at Bust’em blind for the cost of blind and modifications.

The spoof, well that’s another story…. I happen to be in the “United States Coast Guard Auxilary”, and have run 1000’s of charters in the past 19 years as a 100 Ton Masters Merchant Mariner Credentialed Captain and myself participated in many water rescues. Now I was in the same situation, and while I did not panic, I would have never lived down the fact that I have logged thousands of hours on the water and sunk a boat. So when I told my friends and word got around that a Jon boat accident nearly took my life, my friends saw the opportunity to poke fun at me……..saying things like “why did’nt you call the Coast Guard”, or calling me mayday Jim.  

Well all kidding aside from the very serious incident, there was no one to call, no help nearby on the lake. For gods sake Kansas has no cell coverage and we had no VHF in this duck boat at the time. So the next best thing was to head to the nearest shoreline and drain the boat and assess. After some time, we managed to limp the damaged leaking hull back across the lake with a bilge pump running and water around our feet and life jackets on…..Moral of the story, Semper Paratus and don’t buy a Bust’em Blind and or make sure you use a reputable and experience welder when making modification to a boat.

The blind build with float pods cost me over $6300.00 and the repairs cost $3500.00… I never got a dime of my money back and Lance Ramsey at Bust’em blinds basically stopped communicating even after repeated attempts. I got fooled, burned or should I say cheated. Don’t let yourself be fooled or tricked into believing this can’t happen to you…. Your intuitions are usually correct !!! Trust no one, sad but true.

I gotta say this (Bustem Blinds) is the worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with in my life. So so so many promises of I will make it right and it’s just lip service, with one excuse after another. Hell the Transom is off the boat and he still won’t make it right.

And for those of you who think Bustem Blinds has the backing of Lowe Boats or Brunswick Corporation because much of the marketing videos feature Lance Ramsey and that have in fact been posted by him In the name of Bustem Blinds, including or complete with Lowe Logos. According to Mr. Ramsey there no relationship other than selling them a blind for one of their boats and that he is a professional photographer hired by Lowe to photograph their product lines..
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