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DIY Adjustable Outboard Jack Plate
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DIY Adjustable Outboard Jack Plate
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21 maj, 2018
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Quick look at the jack plate I built for my Glasspar Marathon. The side rails started as 4 x 4 x 3/8″ aluminum angle and the plate is 1/2″ thick aluminum. One leg of each angle is cut back to 1 1/2″ wide to make the offset of the motor about 2 1/2″. The slots allow for 7″ of up and down movement. I put a bottle jack under the motor and raise and lower it that way. (cannot be adjusted on the go)

Four 1/2″ stainless carriage bolts with flat washers and nyloc nuts for the slides, six 1/2″ stainless bolts with flat washers to bolt the motor to the plate, four 1/2″ stainless bolts with flat washers and nylocs to bolt the jack to the boat, four 1/4″ stainless countersunk machine screws to hold the rails to the plate and keep everything lined up when assembling.

The inner plates inside the hull are 2″ x 1/4″ aluminum flat bar.

I removed a big chunk of the center of the plate, partially to reduce weight, partially to provide a relief for any water that might be forced up between the boat and the jack.

Total cost was around $100 Canadian, and some time. Your cost will vary, I was able to find the 1/2″ plate at a scrap yard, much cheaper than new material.

You have to be accurate when building it or it won’t fit together well. The bolts that hold the outboard to the plate don’t have to be threaded into the plate, they could go right through and have nuts instead. I just thought it looked tidy this way.

In my opinion your transom has to be in very good shape to do this, the extra leverage puts a lot of force on things. I rebuilt the transom in this boat. This setup should take anything in the way of horsepower that the transom can take.
Easy way to move your Jon Boat Trailer!
21 maj, 2018
AMATÖR Monterar ekolod i Galaxy Alboran Vista Kajak
21 maj, 2018