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My ‘Boaterhome’ is Half Van, Half Boat | RIDICULOUS RIDES
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HOMEMADE Boat Car!! (Amphibious Vehicle gokart)
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My ‘Boaterhome’ is Half Van, Half Boat | RIDICULOUS RIDES
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9 augusti, 2019
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CAR ENTHUSIAST John Ortlieb, from Nevada, is the proud owner of not one, but two ‘Boaterhomes’ – a spectacular half boat, half van hybrid. John inherited one from his father and purchased the second nearly ten years ago. His father’s, which stands at 36 feet-long, can travel up to 40mph on water and over 100mph on land. Only 21 of these unique vehicles exist, and John’s, built in the eighties was based on a Ford Econoline Van. The limited-edition hybrid is not just used as a boat, home and vehicle, but also as a unique party venue that you can often see cruising down the Las Vegas strip.

Video Credits:
Videographer / director: Jessica Sherry
Producer: Frazer Randalls, Ruby Coote
Editor: Ciara Cecil​

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HOMEMADE Boat Car!! (Amphibious Vehicle gokart)
9 augusti, 2019