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Outboard Hydrofoils (How They Work)
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Subfloor Rebuild | Aluminum Boat | Lund 14ft Deep-V Restoration
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Outboard Hydrofoils (How They Work)
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30 juli, 2019
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What is a hydrofoil? How do hydrofoils work? These are the questions and more that will be answered in this video.

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Canadian Link.

Today I take a closer look at outboard engine hydrofoils. I will be driving the 1982 Vanguard Banshee MK 2 boat with a Johnson 90 HP engine with electronic tilt. This boat is fitted with a Stingray Senior Classic hydrofoil. The hydrofoil increases boat stability at higher speeds and while cornering. A hydrofoil can also help when towing a tube or waterskier.

After I outfitted the hydrofoil onto my boat, I was happy with the results and can definitely recommend at least trying a hydrofoil on your boat.

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30 juli, 2019
Subfloor Rebuild | Aluminum Boat | Lund 14ft Deep-V Restoration
30 juli, 2019