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Pimp My Jon Boat: Slow Ride – In A Colorado Minute (Week 270)
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Pimp My Jon Boat: Slow Ride – In A Colorado Minute (Week 270)
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5 juli, 2015
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— http://MovingPostcard.com —
Recently, we acquired a jon boat (or johnboat) from our friends Corey and Lisa. This week, we gave the little aluminum boat an overhaul and created this “pimp my jon boat” episode featuring the newly christened “Slow Ride”.

Yes, the boat with its car battery motor, and now its new oars, is a very slow ride. And yes, New Belgium’s summer session beer Slow Ride is our beer of the summer. So it all fits.

What also fits is that we love to swim, picnic, fish and relax along Horsetooth Reservoir and now can access good spots along its cove while the pedestrian-accessed beaches are under water yet again due to this spring’s silly amount of rain.

An interesting fact I learned on wikipedia: The Wasserwacht branch of the German Red Cross has chosen jon boats for their civil protection units for use during floods. A fact you won’t find there: as kids, my brother and I loved reading these short story magazines about sea rescue missions. I just tried to find images of those – but couldn’t. Maybe someone else remembers those and what they were called? Something about Seenotrettungskreuzer…?

For this video, Scott Solary shot all the footage that features me, I shot the rest.

The featured song is the instrumental version of “Let It In” by Josh Woodward (JoshWoodward.com). This song is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 US License. Thank you, Josh!

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