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Tiny Boat Framing Q & A
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Final Review: 25HP Mercury Outboard 4-stroke EFI Motor
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Tiny Boat Framing Q & A
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29 april, 2019
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In the recent past, I’ve received many questions specifically about framing. This should answer them all! This video covers aluminum, different aluminum thicknesses as well as wood equivalents and how they all stack up toward each other from strength to weight ratios to ease of creation. Please like and subscribe to help this video trend! Helps out more than you’ll ever know.

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Disclaimer: I am not a professional fabricator or builder.
I am a DIY Creator supported by this channel’s audience
to put out concepts for people to view.
Modify your boat at your own risk.
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29 april, 2019
Final Review: 25HP Mercury Outboard 4-stroke EFI Motor
29 april, 2019